Friday, October 26, 2012

My Grandmother - A Most Inspiring Teacher

Here is a link to the winning story for 'The Most Inspiring Teacher' from Our State Magazine. 

 This is a great story. Ms Boykin was a colleague of my sister-in-law Mary Vann Wilkins Eslinger. They both worked in the Social Studies part of the North Carolina State Department of Education.  

Also; Laviece Mae Gwin Chambliss Oliver was my Grandmother. 

In addition to teaching in Havelock NC she also taught Mathematics for many years at North Duplin High School in Duplin County NC. She also served as the assistant principal there. Her principal was Mr L.S. Guy. As a teenager I heard many, many stories from Grandmother Oliver about L.S. She had a great admiration for him as a teacher and as an administrator. 

When I finished up my degree in Mathematics and my practice teaching, I applied to teach high school in Duplin County back in 1975. I recall interviewing with Mr. L.S. Guy who was, by then, the superintendant of Duplin County Schools. I introduced myself and he immediately said, "You are Ms Laviece's grandson!" Right then I knew if they had a math teacher position the prospects were looking good for me. 

I did teach Mathematics and Physics for two years with the Duplin County Public Schools before going on the graduate school in Mathematics at The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. 

When in undergraduate school and graduate school I recall many conversations about mathematics with my grandmother when I would visit Mount Olive where she lived with my parents in her retirement. 

Grandmother Oliver was just as bright and sharp as I ever knew her even when retired.

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