Saturday, May 18, 2013

One Thin Dime

One Thin Dime

I am not sure when this coin showed  up in my wallet.  I seem to recall it being there but did not pay any particular attention to it.  

However at lunch today I was shaking all the change out of my wallet and noticed it.  Since this week was the anniversary of the date of my birth; which occurred, as of last Wednesday, sixty six years ago. I decided to polish up this dime and take a picture of it.  

On the front of my note book that I take with me to Democratic meetings these days I have a little 'donkey-sticker' and felt that since this was a  Roosevelt Dime then the sticker would be appropriate back drop for the picture. 

Also according to "CoinTrackers.COM" 1947 dimes with the 'S' (San Francisco) mint mark are the most rare and this one (which looks to be in poor condition to me) is worth about $3.00.  The silver content is $1.61.  In 1947 the value was $0.10 and it contained $0.054225 worth of silver (less than a nickel).  The increase in value has been 2,900% or about 5% interest compounded annually, which could be a pretty good long term interest rate.

Here are the pictures:


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