Saturday, September 07, 2013

2013 MS 150 Bicycle Tour


Saturday, a beautiful day for a bike ride.  I averaged about 25KPH for 120K. I even met up with Evana from the Gym and we rode together to the lunch stop.  She was doing "The Century" so that was where I was on my own.  The new bike was like riding on a cloud.  It still take energy to move the pedals around but it is a very 'sweet' ride!

Here are the stats for Saturday and some pictures from Saturday:

 04:51 .... hh:mm Time rolling along the way
119.90 .... Kilometers traveled
 24.70 .... Kilometers Per Hour Average
 36.90 .... Kilometers Per Hour Max (some pace-line :)

Oh yes ... by the way ... it is not too late to make a contribution to this year's ride.  My online MS Society web page is If you do not want to do an online contribution then feel free to mail me a check made out to The National MS Society and I will turn it in.  My mailing address is:

Zach Cox 
708 Davidson Street
Raleigh, NC 27609

Saturday Morning Start

Saturday Morning Lunch Stop

Saturday Afternoon Rest Stop With PICKLES!

Saturday Afternoon Last Rest Stop

Saturday Afternoon At The End Of The Ride

Sunday was a beautiful day, just a bit warmer but not too much so.  Evelyn was not volunteering today so I drove myself over to the ride and was ready go by 7:30am, the ride started at 8:00am.  This day, as is usual for Sundays, there were plenty of pace-lines and I did hook up with one that was traveling around 33kph (20mph).  The result was that I got to the lunch stop at 10:30am and then after lunch found myself all alone on the course.  This was not too bad except for the intermittent head winds. Another bit was that I decided not to swap out my new bike seat and I did pay for that decision during the last third of today's ride.  Here are the stats for today and then some pictures.

 04:46 .... hh:mm Time rolling along the way
118.42 .... Kilometers traveled
 24.80 .... Kilometers Per Hour Average
 46.70 .... Kilometers Per Hour Max (down the off ramp :)

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