Sunday, March 09, 2014

First Bike Ride Of The Year 2014

A Very Nice 1:30 H:MM  25.5 KM Bike Ride

My first bike ride of the year.  After I got my new bike last September I felt bad about the old bike, it had served me so well over the years since 1999.  So I tried to find some replacement shifters (105-Triple-9Speed) on EBay and I did.  Last week I had them installed and the bike tuned up and I took it out for my first ride of the year 2014.  

Here is a "Google-Earth-KML-File" of the ride.  Also here is a link to my "Map-My-Ride-Page" and the bike ride is named "A Very Nice Greenway Ride".

The ride started at the house then went down Yadkin Drive to Crabtree Creek where I got on the greenway and rode all the way upstream to the end of the greenway.  Then it was back the way I came till I arrived back at Crabtree Valley Mall.  Next I headed along Blue Ride Road to the House Creek Greenway Trail and rode that all the way up to the pedestrian/bike overpass at the intersection of I440 and Wade Avenue.  Once across I440 on the bridge it was down hill and up hill to the North Carolina Museum of Art.  I took the bike trail 'around-back' and hooked up with Blue Ridge Road again and rode that back down the hill toward Crabtree Creek and getting off on old Edwards Mill Road and on down the hill to the greenway where I retraced my route back home.

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