Saturday, March 15, 2014

Second Bike Ride of the Year

A Very Nice Spin on the Greenway

This day I rode my new bike.  There is a saying, "It is not about the bike."  This is correct.  However, my new bike does throw into very sharp relief just how crappy the engine is.

hh:mm:ss .... 01:38:31
kilometers .. 31.45
kph average . 19.50
kph maximum . 59.20 --- Woah!(37mph - definitely downhill)

The ride today did not have a lot of climbs, as compared with the one last Sunday.  I rode down Yadkin to Crabtree Creek and turned left onto Alleghany and rode on up past the CCC-Golf-Course and down the hill to the corner of White Oak and Lassiter Mill.  Turned left and crossed Crabtree Creek and got on the greenway. I followed the greenway all the way to Crabtree Blvd. and Raleigh Blvd.  When you cross over Raleigh Blvd. you find the greenway is closed for construction.  There were two bikes just in front of me that kept going but I turned around and rode the greenway all the way back to Lassiter Mill where I rode up Lassiter Mill drive up to White Oak and turned right and rode back to Yadkin where I rejoined the greenway and rode to the other end at Lindsey Dr.  I took a break and ate part of my banana and swapped the water bottles around and rode back to Yadkin and then back up the hill to home.

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