Sunday, July 06, 2014

A Very Nice 4th of July Bike Ride

The 22nd Annual
Firecracker 50K/100K
Bike Ride

I've done this ride some years ago and this year I noticed that it is associated with the MS Society so I thought of it as a nice training ride for this years MS150 Cycling Tour.

Here are the statistics for the ride:

02:13 hh:mm - Minus stoplights and the rest stop.
53:00 km - Just a tad over 33 miles.
23.00 kph - Good average given 1,400 ft climbs.
56.00 kph - MAX, some really long downhills.

The route went down Kildaire Farm Road to Holly Springs Road.  We then headed to through downtown Holly springs to Avent Ferry Road.  Then crossed NC55 to New Hill Holleman Road crossing Harris Lake to Old US1 and back to Apex and Cary.  My previous Sunday 50K took 2:15 and had a few hundred feet of climbs and today's 53K took 2:13 and had over 1,400 feet of climbs :) so the extra speed of riding on the road vs greenway was NOT offset by the hills.  I was afraid it would take me much longer due to the hills.

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