Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Excellent Video (An Expanded YouTube.COM Comment)

Excellent Video!

The existence of God stands on a knife edge ...  If you think too deeply on this it tends to 'Slip-Away'. 

If you do not think deeply enough the concept does not work.

A key idea that jumped out to me from this video is: "If you think".

If we do not think then there are no concepts. For concepts to exist there must be thought. God emerges as an attribute of thought.

As organisms that are capable of reflecting on our own thoughts such concepts naturally emerge due to the built-in bits of the process of reflective thought.  Those built-in bits are what keep our minds from descending into infinite regress.

That we can think reflectively gives us the ability to 'Think about God' ... and the difference between the two concepts 'Thinking About God' and 'The Existence of God' become completely and totally intertwined.

God does not exist without thought, and God exists because of thought become the same statement.

An appeal, or a wish that something, or anything exists beyond our ability to comprehend it, or conceive of it is almost a necessary part of our reflective thought processes.  And I think, the word 'almost' in the previous sentence can be eliminated.

Our minds must produce this concept.

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