Tuesday, May 31, 2011

These Are Some Socks!

Now These Are Some Socks!

I got a gift certificate to REI from my sister (who wrote this card
When I did a search on the REI site for 'socks' it did not take long to make my decision.

The way I see it, if you are going to wear socks and sandals your socks should stand out.
My other pairs of socks that I wear with sandals are hand knitted (by Evelyn).


  1. REALLY SCARY! Honestly ZACH!!! LOVE L.

  2. Actually the do look a bit strange - but cool when I put my sandals on :)

  3. These socks are actually very scary. Many times it seems to be that they are fake feet’s. But as you have discussed them as the feet’s of the person. These socks are newly formed.

  4. First of all - when you remove your socks, tuck one inside of the other one and then pitch them into a centrally located container (if you're not going to put them in the dirty clothes right away)