Friday, September 09, 2011

2011 Ms 150 (Tenting At Union Point)

Hear I am ... this is the first time in 14 years (all my years) that I have camped out at Union Point.  Back in the day when we biked from Clayton to Kinston then from Kinston to Emerald Island I did camp on the MS150 but never before in New Bern.

This is a grand camp ground.

Below is a picture of my tent and my number that I pinned to my backpack.  I've carted my bike to the 'bike-room' in the convention center so it is happy enjoying airconditioning.  But to be fair tonight is a beautiful, clear, cool night with an almost full moon.

After purchasing a pair of MS150 bike socks and an MS150 sweat shirt I found myself just sitting on a bench looking out over the Neuse and Trent rivers.  So I decide to try and find a place to eat.  The first place I just walked right by thinking it surely was full.  The second place was tiny and totally booked up.  So, I decided to cut through the block to check out the coffee shop that Evelyn and I have visited in the past.  The parking lot passed beside the back door of Morgans Restaurant (the one I skipped initially) so I decided to check out to see if they had patio seating.  Just as I was looking for someone to ask if they had an outside tabel ... I heard someone shout "Zach Cox!!!".  It was Nora's Sister and she was at at table with a one of her girlfriends waiting for another one to show up and invited me to hang out there.  Well three pints of Guinness later and a hamburger I'm doing fine, and I think I've done enough Carbo-Loading for tomorrow's ride.

By the way ... the "I'm riding for" banner has the names of my good friends Bruce and Brandt who both do have MS.  Not sure if you can 'zoom' enough to see them.

I'll post more tomorrow night.

Also ... by the way I'm posting form my super cool MacBook Pro with an AT&T 'air-card' attached :o) (how slick is that!!!!)

From 28_AUG_2011_Bike_Ride

Here is a slide show of all the pictures I've taken so far (the first few were included on purpose - Ginny and her Dad :)

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