Monday, September 05, 2011

Labor Day Bike Ride

Being 'on-the-road' (in a car) the past few days and not being able to go to the gym or do any cycling was starting to concern me ... the MS150 is coming up next weekend.  

So I decided to do a Labor Day Ride and here are the details:

36.27 km .... distance
19.10 kph ... average speed
54.90 kph ... maximum speed (going down Scotland Street)
01:53 hh:mm . elapsed time

This was a 'greenway-ride' and I did cut it about a km short not wanting to descend the great hill to near the WakeMed end and then just have to climb right back up that hill.

This was also a 'muddy-ride' since there were rain showers and the bike path did have a lot of sand and dirt and the small puddles of rain were just enough to make it a messy ride.  I need to go out and hose off my bike and put some oil on the chain.

Here is a picture looking at the, now far away, rain clouds:

From Random Graphic Images
and here is another one looking just to the east of the one above.

From Random Graphic Images
These pictures are taken on the way back.  On the way out when heading the other way on the board walk you climb out of the swamp and cross Raleigh Blvd and continue on down the greenway beside Crabtree Creek.  I have not ridden this greenway since the tornado passed and there is a great swath cut in the forest there where all the trees are snapped off about 20-30 feet in the air, with the trees on the other side of the creek just flattened.  That was right where the path of the tornado went.

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