Saturday, August 10, 2013

BikeFest 2013

The Carolina Tar-Wheels 2013 Bike-Fest

I've done this ride a few times now and it is a very enjoyable ride through the rolling hills of the North Carolina Piedmont just to the west of the Triangle Area.

This year Laviece and I did the ride together.  We opted for the 35 mile option.  If it was totally flat, and I was 30 years younger the 100K (62 mile) would be fun.

Here are the statistics of the ride:

03:03 .... hh:mm (Total Time Rolling)
56.67 .... km    (Total Distance)
18.50 .... kph   (Average Speed)
47.50 .... kph   (Max Speed - yep, rolling hills)

Here are some pictures of the ride.

Bikes Loaded - Ready To Ride

Rest Stop #1 - Cedar Grove NC

Rest Stop #1 - Riding Partner

Rest Stop #1


Rest Stop #2 - Riding Partner

End Of The Ride 56 Kilometers

End of the Ride - Riding Partner

And You Get A Cool T-Shirt :)

Laviece Gave Me Her Queue-Sheet Clip
And The Green Band Says We Rode The 35 Mile Option

Isn't it great when a plan comes together?

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