Sunday, August 18, 2013

Woot --- 102K Bike Ride

Woot! 102K Bike Ride

A beautiful day for a ride.  I did my "Four Bridges Ride".  I left around 8:30am and rode over bridge-1 to Beaufort then up NC101 to cross the inland waterway (bridge-2) then crossed the Harlow Canal and turned left toward Newport NC.

Once in Newport NC I crossed over the Newport River on old US70 and turned left on Higgs Road.  I took Higgs Road, crossing US70 bypass and on to NC24.

I turned right on NC24 and rode down to Cape Carteret NC and turned left onto NC58.  Once on NC58 I crossed bridge-3 onto Emerald Isle.

I continued up NC58 to Atlantic Beach and turned left on to the Atlantic Beach - Morehead City causeway and crossed bridge-4 and made my way back to Fisher Street. I got back at 1:30pm (about five hours elapsed time)

Here are the details:

 04:24 ... HH:MM - Total Time Rolling
101.54 ... KM ---- That's 100K
 23.00 ... KPH --- Average Speed 
 55.60 ... KPH --- Max Speed (coming down one of those bridges ;)

As far as average speed goes I averaged exactally 23kph for each of the four hours of the ride.  I felt a bit hot and tired between Emerald Isle and Atlantic beach (the 4th 23K leg) but when I stopped at a store on entering Atlantic beach had a piece of banana and a Mountain Dew it picked me up for the last 10K back to Fisher Street.

Here is a graphic of the route.

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